ADO.NET Data Services and ASP.NET AJAX

I had intended my first post on my new blog to be a general comment on Mix 09, but instead I am going to concentrate on the ADO.NET Data Services framework, and the way it can be accessed with ASP.NET AJAX 4.  Until a few days ago, ADO.NET Data Services meant almost nothing to me.  I had seen the phrase, but ignored it.  Only when I noticed the presence of classes related to ADO.NET in the documentation for ASP.NET AJAX 4 did I realise that it might be of interest to me.  In particular, it was the existence of methods to filter, order, and page data on the server from the client that caught my eye.

Since my initial revelation, I have gone back to watch some of the videos of sessions on ADO.NET from Mix 08 and Mix 09:

The first of these sessions, by Pablo Castro, gives a good introduction to ADO.NET Data Services.  In the second session, by Mike Flasko, the demonstration of FreeNatal by Veracity Solutions is particularly noteworthy.  It is the most impressive ASP.NET AJAX application I have seen.  The third session, again by Pablo Castro, covers more advanced material.


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